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Our Mission

We Provide any Type of
ICT Engineering Design

Clients count on us to help them transform their ICT and OT infrastructure and data center into possibility and rapid change into lasting progress technology. Our expert team knows how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate.!

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Giancarlo Mancinelli


Our Vision

We provide a wide range of services to Service Provider, Smart Building & Smart Cities, Financial, Transportation, Industry and Oil & Gas companies to help them design, upgrade and manage their data networks infrastructure and Data Center.

Our Mission

The mission of SC4T is to provide technical advice in ICT & OT industrial over IP technology fields for different companies with problems of management, migration evolution and integration of the ICT and telecommunication infrastructure.


Launch Company

Born in August 2017 in Switzerland, SC4T was working initially on body rental market, move some engineers on market on delivery projects in Italy, Switzerland and Middle East.


Consultants Members increased in Company 60+

Increased Engineers Team in Electrical, Sound Acoustic, Railways environments, moved on Industrial, Real Estate and Transportation markets” Closed a lot oof projects


Get Best Services Award

Awards on several Vendors, signed important contracts and got several projects on Transportation


New Vendors Contracts & increased partnership & Teams

Increase Vendors relationship, Sound, Lighting, Industrial Networks, Data Center, BMS and SCADA

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