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Project Description

Telco Digital Transformation for the future – 5G vRAN and Fronthual, Midhaul and Backhaul with 5G Core Project  

We have been analyzing market developments, technologies, and added-value chains under the broad classification since a decade. We combine the latest findings in the consultancy sector with the farsightedness of selected industry experts and create solutions that make your company fit.

Access Dis-aggregation: the separation of hardware and software in the access network enables more flexible and vendor-independent design of the network

Migrate from integrated vendor specific black boxes with proprietary interfaces to standard white boxes with open interfaces and separation of data and control plane.
Dis-aggregation allows operators to mix and match equipment to enable faster time-to-market and flexible customized networks.
Dis-aggregation is applicable in the mobile radio network (vRAN or O-RAN) but also in the fixed network (SEBA [SDN-enabled Broadband access]). Access 4.0 provides a concrete example of Fixed Access Dis-aggregation and works with vEPC for 5G Next Generation Networks. 

Here the Practice SC4T developed to address this for a Telco Customer:

The case developed for several Telco Operators in different geographical areas in Europe and Middle East.
SC4T has been called to implement Migration Projects from Network Access (vRAN or O-RAN) to Edge: MEC, Central and Core Networks with vEPC structure using more than 10000 network devices.

We did it for Telco Operators with Hybrid Cloud in several Data Centers, over 5000 cabinets, Cyber Security structure and over 2500 physical Servers, running VMware and OpenStack with over 50000 Virtual Machine Applications having Kubernets, Docker, and several Vendors like Cisco, Ericsson, Altiostar and Mavenir. 

SC4T has defined a Best Practice for Telco Operators: requirements for design and engineering support services for implementation on various IP network infrastructures

  • IP Core, Metro / Regional IP EDGE,
  • Enhanced WIFI, vRAN and O-RAN
  • Support, Development, Testing and Implementation of IP network automation on Cisco NSO platform.
  • Network & Routing Audit
  • Telco IP Core network assessment
  • Migration plan to Telco Cloud on different data centers
  • DETAILED DESIGN REPORT: Segment Routing, EVPN, Traffic Engineering, etc.
  • Functionality (QoS, BGP Flow Spec, TWAMP, Telemetry)
  • Network and/or control elements (collection network, PCE controller, etc.)
  • Automation of procedures and security configuration supplied with the IPSEC solution for the protection of 4G and 5G radio backhauling.
  • Design and implementation of Cisco NOS Network Orchestrator services with configuration template
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