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Project Description

IoT Water Telemetry Control & Smart City new Network Infrastructure for Modernizing the Aqueduct & water Pump in a Metropolitan City”

Digital Aqueduct telemetry for Water Pump control from Operation Center

Old network connection on entire city with xDSL low latency vs Water pressure telemetry Sensors on Smart Pumps and Valves with old style water grids spread on large metropolitan italian city.

Then SC4C made a project and delivery for Urban Water System Issues and Potential Smart Solutions, covering an entire urban new networks.

Here the Practice SC4T developed to address this for a Smart City Acqueduct telemetry  Customer:

The case was for Large city in Italy

  • 1.8M people living inside – about 5M in sub-urban
  • Every day almost other 3M arrived in the city for job
  • The Municipality manage Urban public transportation and Water treatment
  • Complete public company
  • 5 underground Lines
  • 167 Urban public lines
  • More than 250 Water Central Pump control and Valves probes
  • 3 x Main Offices with 2 x Water Treatments Central control
  • 31 x Secondary Water Pump Station
  • 62 x Third Level Water Pump control for telemetry in bag-hole
  • 5 x Operation Control Center with Scada
  • 3 x Water recycling station
  • Service inside water aqueduct: Water Scada Telemetry for fresh water, Water Scada Telemetry for recycle

Water, Internal office data sharing, Video Surveillance, VoIP Avaya, Wireless city covering (only on Tube), More than 110 different VLANs, Over then 300 inspection manhole.

Solution proposed, the scope

  • New Network to connect all Water Pumps & Valves via Sensors telemetry control in the city via

Fiber/xDSL vs dual operation Control Center OCC Private Cloud

  • Telemetry has to be a “must”
  • Improve connection, reliability, managebility, support, scalability
  • Planned to be scalable for the future Disaster recovery over Ring Brocade/Cisco considered like
  • Technology
  • 300km of dark fiber across the city,  other connections will be made using xDSL or Fiber/MPLS Telco Service
  • Implementation of G8032v2 or REP/MRP protocol was considered a must
  • Managebility with BNA and IPSwitch WhatsUp Gold to control entire network
  • SC4T wrote a Bid Tender for entire project


  • Brocade vs Cisco bid tender
  • 10GB Fiber Optic networks main rings
  • 1GB Fiber Optic networks for 4 x Secondary Rings
  • Complete resiliency and redundancy fiber connection rings at node with G8032v2 (Cisco ERP)
  • 3 OCC Operation Control Center with new Storage and HP Server (future Private Cloud)
  • 22 xDSL Sync 10Mb signed
  • 840 x Water pressure, levels, temperature, water valves automatic controlled via Scada Sensors connected.
  • All switches in main nodes was in redundancy

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