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Project Description

Why b u i l t the network telecom infrastructure between Bio- Molecular instruments i n Pharma Multinational Enterprise company with IOT telemetry Sensor and Cloud dashboard with Scada ?

Problem: Pharma companies need an IoT predictive maintenance components in their Diagnostic Test Center appliance to control and manage them around all the world. Need to control centrally all bio-molecular instruments, maintenance, connect, enabling Data Integration and Analysis improving the Quality and the Efficiency of Diagnostic Test Centers.

Solution: Interfacing within Bio-Molecular instruments with new 4G/5G IoT Gateways enabling control and integration into data analytics solutions in Cloud for remote devices. Integrating a software Cloud solution for Telemetry accessing from a OCC (operation Control Center) to manage gateways and Instruments in Lab/Hospital.

What SC4T made for this project:

IOT SCADA TELEMETRY: Scada System Telemetry software in Cloud for Pharma instruments centrally managed IOT Gateways software Dashboard for entire managed centrally;

IOT GATEWAY ROUTER: SC4T developed an IOT Gateway Router with Ethernet, Wireless, 4G/LTE or 5G Module Slot Module for 8 x ports DI/DO with RS485/Modbus Strong Security inside with L3 Firewall, VPN and L7 IPS/IDS. Python routine, Docker;

NETWORK TELECOM SYSTEM: System integrating in 4G/LTE and 5G Mobile Network with KPN SIM DATA More than 11.000 IOT Gateway connected into Hospital Network Cyber Security in Cloud with VPN Terminator over KPN APN Scada System Telemetry integrating for IOT Gateways managed centrally;

IoT agent installed in Docker allows you to instantly connect, monitor and manage machines and devices securely from anywhere. Full visibility into all devices in real-time so you can react quickly and proactively resolve issues: 

Combine remote control capabilities with monitoring capabilities;

Manage endpoints remotely for faster, more cost-effective operations;

Receive alerts based on monitored data, allowing you to respond quickly to incidents;

Enable remote service and support to resolve device and machine issues as they occur;

Access all your devices securely through a native VPN connection

Solution benefit:

  • Support dashboard Telemetry connection via Scada on-premise
  • IOT Bio-Molecular Telemetry level Sensors integrating into new Telecom Network 
  • Services are along the new 4G/LTE and 5G connections via IOT Gateways 
  • 11.000 Instruments interconnected worldwide and managed centrally
  • Two Cloud Software for Telemetry of Instruments in Hospital and Lab and Software for managed all IOT Gateway from a single dashboard centrally
  • Very strong Cyber Security implementation in edge and in Cloud L3/L4 and L7 with VPN and cripto data

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