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Project Description

Renovating Five-Star Luxury Hotel with latest and greatest technology based on Cisco Systems Solution for the best Customers’ Experience


It takes an exceptional network to deliver the experience demanded by today’s top hotel guests. 

Ubiquitous Internet connectivity 

In-room telephony and TV services

“Customers are becoming more price sensitive, and at the same time expect to receive a constantly improving service,”

Historically the hotel had used separately cabled networks to deliver guest and administration services, while its telephone system had become obsolete. 

Reliability compromised by the complexity of the infrastructure, and management and maintenance overheads were high. 

“The network has to delivering a consistent technology services to our guests.”

To deliver the ultimate customer experience, back office and front-of-house staff needed an infrastructure that would empower them. Meanwhile guests increasingly looked to connect personal devices to the hotel’s wireless LAN. 

That meant an easy-to-manage bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment was essential.


The Hotel embarked on a major refurbishment program with the help SC4 Technology adopted the latest and greatest Technology to make the “Hotel 4.0”: Best Experience. Comfort and Services!

Concisely, a reliable high speed Fiber Optic connection to serve floors and horizontally a structured cabling complemented by Wireless Connectivity Providing all the services: TV, Video on Demand, Internet Access, Telephony, Security and Safety and Hotel operations.

Values for the Property and Customers

SC4T designed and implemented a reliable and manageable single infrastructure, Highly Scalable in terms of Virtual and Physical LANs and Datacenter setting up innovative Services:

  • Fully renewal network infrastructure
  • Fully re-designed Data Center with Hotel Applications
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for Customers and Staff
  • Video on Demand
  • Telephone Service
  • Room Services
  • Improved Security and Safety
  • Video Surveillance
  • Mitigation of the Impacts on the Building restoration
  • KNX and BACnet Access Control integration with IP Network
  • Final complete AS-IS connection documentation by single point to entire infrastructure
  • Copper/Fiber Structured Cabling designing and implementing

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