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Project Description

Transportation Digital Transformation for the future – IoT Sensors integration with IP public fully redundant Network 

Pollution and Congestion increase while Productivity goes down.  An efficient, safe, accessible and more secure public transportation has become a top priority everywhere, how to make it happen?

It is possible to make a change: A common communications infrastructure, built on a resilient technology foundation, can replace multiple proprietary networks with a single IP-based architecture for converged voice, video, and data. 

SC4T works to delivery Metro and Optical Networks, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Storage Consolidation, and multi service integration.

IP Telephony, Unified Communications, IP Video and Audio Conferencing, together with Contact Center are the Elements to provide of IP Communications solutions 

Wireless Networks provide secure, manageable, scalable, and reliable network connectivity in areas inaccessible to network cabling.

Network Security Solutions include Firewalls, Intrusion Detection systems, Authentication services and Network security management services, which protect data and network access.

Wireless/Mobility Solutions on board and from vehicles to Operation Centers for vehicle monitoring, fare collection, passenger information, and driver information

The separation of IP Networks inside railstock permits fully control on IoT rail sensors 

The case we designed was for 50km Rail stock for tramways across sea-bridge in the Nordic Region, with some issues due to weather with several network devices on rail stock, RFID, hundreds of IoT Sensors, Operational Control Center Data Centers, over 1.000 Cabinets on Rail and Platform shelters. 

Architecture Requirements:

  • Network transparent to interlock services application;
  • OCC with Strong Security For Data and Communication: 802.1X, SSO, IDS; IPS; VLAN ACL
  • Equipment with High Grade Temperature Range
  • Compliance to EN50155; EN50129; EN50126; EN50128; EN50129-1/2; EN50121-4
  • Hot-standby redundancy in every component of network (TE or SW)
  • Dual redundancy for Interlock services application
  • Unique multi-fiber 12 fiber 9/125 across entire rail-track of Tramway
  • VLAN segregation in OCC controlled by ACL in core network equipment;
  • Signaling Server on Tracks GIC/LP vs GIC/OC max timeout supported is    < 450msec;
  • SCA3 scattered axle counter max timeout supported is    < 450msec;
  • CTC/CP vs CTC/PP station services max timeout supported is < 2 sec;
  • Technical houses with closet racks to 19” with D45cm x W60cm;
  • MTBF setting up 180.000h and 99,98%;
  • Redundant ring with a fiber dedicated (2 fiber 9/125) between due main nodes;
  • WSR Train to ground: WSR Radio Infill System (Double)


It is indeed an articulate solution, but it is effective and doable, SC4T did it!

We have all the technology we need to implement it staying compliant to Rules, Requirements while increase the efficiency, security and safety.

It is crucial to make a clear assessment, and design properly the solution cherry picking the best Hardware and Software ingredients to implement a Scalable, Reliable solution compliant to Standards.

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