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Project Description

5G PRIVATE NETWORKS 4K HI-RES VIDEO FOR RACE TELECOM CONTROL IN FORMULA ONE AND MOTO-GP. Why d e s i g n t h e te lecom 5G Pr ivate Network i n f ra s t r u c t u re fo r Formula One and MotoGP racet racks by FIA

Problem: How to manage in the worldwide racetracks Video Transmission over air using new tech. Logistic problems

Solution: Designed new project with HLD & LLD chemas on rail track, design WIFILL to permit control of Tram on rail track in real time, design the SCADA integration in OCC within new rail-track, design RFID integration with 4G/LTE -> connection from Tram to OCC. Design AVI Serial Terminal Server (for serial sensors in-line) Active-active network in fiber for interlock (legacy GETS now Alstom)

SC4T for 5G Private Networks ?

  • Guide to 5G PRIVATE NETWORKS Product Design 
  • Rollout of vertical market requirements for 5G Private Network 
  • Connectivity solution for Industrial & Real Estate with Smart Cities IOT Sensors 
  • Industrial IOT network with new radio 
  • Design 5G private Network with market BID and Tender 
  • HLD and LLD 5G Private Network for Enterprise 
  • Integration of 5G Private Network with Network cabling and wireless connectivity in IOT to OIL & GAS, Industry, Energy, Real Estate market

Scope of the project:  Highlight how to transmit HighRes Video Streaming @4K/8k, Build state of the art 5G enterprise private networks on Autodrome site, Create a High Level Design schema for the implementation, 8K video camera with a native 5G interface or connected to a 5G gateway through an SDI interface,

Define how to HighRes Video Streaming over the air

Video Live streaming transmission using 5G:

  • Cutting Fiber Optics needs on Race Circuits 
  • Improvement of particular Real-Time Advertising Services
  • 5G >1Gbps real-time 4K/8K Video Streaming on-board Car
  • 5G > 1Gbps 4K/8K Video Camera Streaming Reporter on-shelter 
  • 5G > 1Gbps 4K/8K Video Camera Streaming on Drones
  • 5G > 1Gbps 4K/8K Video fixed Camera Streaming Reporter
  • Insertion over 5G URLLC Event Video Security
  • Event Staff Push-To-Talk (PTT) & Push-To-Video (PTV) Group Communications 
  • Event Staff Voice & Video calls • _Telemetry Services
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for: – Staff – Internal audience – External audience – Emergency Heath

Solution Benefit

  • Two Level infrastructure
  • Safety, Data Secure with active-active network
  • 5G Private Network over Video services over Car racing autodromo
  • Integration with TV Services and Streaming
  • Real Time Car services over 5G on circuit
  • Hi-Res Video
  • Changed finer optics paradigm on circuit
  • Satisfies the growing need for IP and Ethernet communications
  • Guarantees the access to critical information in real time with Health and Emergency in Slicing
  • Guarantees a high Service availability (voice, video, data)

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