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Project Description


Problem: No Parking slot occupation control, Payment by external totem not secure, No centrally control over 52 rail stations parking, No video-surveillance control, No AI Algorithms software implemented, No night with infrared visualization, No light energy controlled.

Solution: Designed new project with HLD & LLD schemas on railway stations parking , designing all IOT sensors with LoRa protocol and with Video surveillance with AI and face control over IOT Gateways with 4G/LTE and 5G communications design the software integration to permit control of park slot and payments. Smart Lighting with Energy controlled via sensors over the all Poles.

What SC4T made for this project: 

IOT Gateway For Sensors: IP66, 4G/LTE and 5G with Lora protocol, managed 150 sensors, 2 x ethernet, from 1 Gateway, smart Lighting sensors managed;

IOT parking Sensors: Lora comms, IP68 -40* +75*, installed by ground not visible, 36V Battery, Power Max 14Dbm

Management platform: Parking occupation, scansion, statistics, payment management, Video control with AI, Mobile app for parking.

Solution Benefit: 

  • Management of traffic flows related to the search for parking.
  • Traffic congestion forecast based on historical data and analyzes carried out.
  • Real-time response to urban needs, organizing traffic flows.
  • Reduction of urban pollution up to 30%.
  • Reduction of the hourly cost of parking, for the benefit of citizens.
  • Increase in revenues from the parking service.
  • Increase in investments in infrastructures and services for mobility.
  • Improvement in the creation of connection points with other mobility services (new taxi stops, buses, bike sharing).
  • Insertion of parking control for electric charging areas

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