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Project Description

Design Cisco ACI architecture for Finance &  Industry for Swiss Luxury industry Brand

Take an innovative approach to a Software Defined Data Center with SC4T

SC4T has developed a practice to help Finance & Manufacturing Customers, to Design and Migrate to Cisco ACI Data Center.

SC4T consists of a group of System Architects with the aim of assisting customers to adapt data center to a Software Defined model to migrate the infrastructure to one of the most important shifts, combining legacy with a DevOps operation model.
SC4T gives strategic direction to clients providing design, implementation and migration paths.
Customers embracing micro services application architecture, can rely on experienced Architects for: 

  • Cisco ACI and ACI Anywhere
  • ACI Multi domain integration with Cisco SD-WAN
  • Computing Virtualization with Hypervisors and K8s
  • DevOps integrating processes between Software development and IT Operations
  • Data Center Security and integration with ACI (Cisco and Palo Alto)
  • Server load balancing integration with ACI (F5 and NetScaler)
  • Cisco Nexus 9000 architectures (Spine&Leaf- Multi-Pod and Multi-Site)

SC4T adopts a personalized approach and with our strategic IT consulting services to assure result. Once understood Objectives, we design your Data Center based on Cisco ACI infrastructure to guaranty scalability and reliability to your SDN infrastructure.

Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) is an industry-leading secure, open, and comprehensive Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution. It simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates infrastructure deployment and governance and expedites the application deployment lifecycle.

Cisco ACI delivers an intent-based networking framework to enable agility in the data center. It captures higher-level business and user intent in the form of a policy and translates this intent into the network constructs necessary to dynamically provision the network, security, and infrastructure services. It uses a holistic systems-based approach, with tight integration between hardware and software and physical and virtual elements, an open ecosystem model, and innovative Cisco customer Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to enable unique business value for modern data centers. This unique approach uses a common policy-based operating model across the network, drastically reducing the cost and complexity of operating your network.


Using Cisco ACI technology, SC4T delivered in a Bank and a Luxury firm, both based in Swiss, services to design and support the Data Center migration. These were done to move legacy applications, Data Centers, Networking and Security infrastructure toward a new technology infrastructure based on Cisco ACI.

SC4T led a Project Scoping, to finalize project’s scope, time frame and resources.

Documented the Statement of Work: Requirements and the High-level and Low-level network design

Performed on-site activities for fabric deployment and knowledge transfer to the customer’s team.

Provided post installation, remote support for a smooth hand-over and Application migration phase across Multi-site ACI installation.

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